Friday, 14 September 2012

The Backseat Driver...

My husband, Kishore, has been my biggest supporter all along the way. He’s the reason my brainchild has been translated to reality. He makes sure that our guests get the most uncompromising experience of authentic Kerala possible. He is a generous host and the main coordinator behind Pepper Trails. He will be the first friendly face to greet guests, never tires of leading them around the garden and engages them in small talk. It is his open welcome and friendliness that lends warmth to Pepper Trails and makes it a “homely” culinary adventure.

Kishore is a graduate in Law from The Indian Law Society, Pune along with an MBA in Human Resource Management. His love for nature comes from growing up in Kothamangalam, one of the most verdant places in Kerala. He belongs to the Pittapillil family, an illustrious clan famous for cultivating spice and rubber plantations. They were renowned spice traders since the colonial times and had supplied spices to The East India Company as early as the 18th century.

Today, the Pittappillils continue to maintain rubber, coconut, spice, vanilla and pineapple plantations in the foothills of the Western Ghats, the grand mountain ranges considered as the gateway to the Kerala High Ranges, east of Kochi city. It is no wonder that I manage to mingle so well with his family, given their love and care for all things fresh and green!

As a latter day scion, my husband brings in his knowledge of nature, love for food and his natural flair for hospitality to the Pepper Trails kitchen. Nowadays he has taken to conceptualizing and developing Pepper Trails farm tourism as well.

               Kishore and myself- at dinner with the guests from Germany

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