Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A dinner with friends from Israel

Our guests from Israel were a truly sociable bunch and it was a joyous experience to cook for them and share recipes. The kids were undoubtedly an entertainment as always.

One of our new found friends, Gila Grossman from Tel Aviv, had this to say:
"We felt very welcomed by the family. We felt at home.The food was excellent,the cooking lesson was very interesting, we enjoyed the company of the hosts, great experience to meet Indian people at their house. We are very grateful for your open house and open hearts.Thank you very much!"

It was surely a pleasure for the Pepper Trails household too to sit down to a pleasant dinner with all of you. Hoping you will visit again. Shalom!

With everyone

One for the album

Learning to whip up some delicacies

And finally, at the dinner table...

The British PM and the Malayali "Meen" curry

British PM David Cameron addressing Unilever on his 2nd India visit

We pride ourselves on the fact that Pepper Trails is not just about eating good food but also about exploring the story behind its conception; how a dish is made, what its history is and how a guest can take the memory of that taste back to the part of the world he/ she calls home.

When the British PM David Cameron remarked about Kerala's famous "Meen" (fish) curry, I couldn't help sitting back and smiling smugly thinking back to plenty of occasions where our guests had satiated themselves on delicious bits of "Meen Pollichathu" and a lot more. Kerala cuisine in a British household! Who would have thought... 

Our famous motto of letting the experience and memory linger forever was also featured in their official blog by ResPublica Consulting at
The tastes of Kerala have truly gone international!...

Friday, 1 February 2013

A home cooked meal with Deborah and Diana

Had a great time hosting a meal for Deborah and Diana yesterday. Our guests from Malta had a taste of authentic Kerala cuisine over a traditional meal. 

Deborah Attard:
This was a very good introduction to Kerala. What a lovely welcome! The cooking lesson was simple and interesting and the family provided a warm atmosphere. Charles and Isaac provided all the entertainment! So cute. Will definitely email if we have any difficulties with cooking.Well done, keep it up, Thank you...

Diana Mifsud:
Warm and lovely welcome into the Pepper Trails home.The spicy coconut cocktail is a good ice- breaker. Cooking the recipes was informative and the lady of the house made everything seem easy. Food was excellent as was the company especially the two kids. Lovely culinary experience overall,keep it up!..

Hoping you will visit again someday. Thank you for the wonderful words Deborah and Diana!
In and around the garden with Isaac

Learning a recipe

With Charles and Isaac

Sitting down to a hearty meal