Monday, 17 September 2012

...and it is only by them this Trail started...

“Each Friendship represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born…” 
                                                                                                        – Anais Nin

If it hadn’t been for my ever faithful paracletes among family and friends, Pepper Trails would never have happened. Not only did these dear folks egg me on with the idea of showcasing traditional cuisine, each one of them contributed their exquisite knowledge and wisdom to the venture.

George Scaria is the Managing Director at Kerala Voyages, ( a leading destination management company. He has two decades of experience in inbound tourism. He was responsible for expanding the idea of Pepper Trails and helped us understand how to handle guests from across the globe. By helping devise tour packages with Kerala Voyages groups, he connected us to many guests who were thoroughly entertained by our hosting.

Rajesh Gopinathan is the Managing Director of Ergo Consulting Services, ( a premium event management company in Kerala. His expertise is handy when it comes to organizing the culinary demonstrations that could otherwise turn so easily into unmanaged chaos. His wife, Seema Rajesh is the HR Director at ErgoConsulting Services ( and helps us conduct the whole session like a proper event, including engaging guests, arranging live music, setting the ambience and a lot more.

Rajeev Gopinathan is Director at both Ergo Consulting Services and Kerala Voyages ( His wife Namitha Rajeev works as Director- CRM at ErgoConsulting Services ( Their gregariousness charms guests who arrive at the Pepper Trails home. They also assist with the live cooking demos and make it a lively experience for everyone.

 Guests enjoying a lighter moment with Namitha, Seema, Rajesh and Rajeev

 With such amazing friends in tow, playing host is a pleasurable task and our cooking sessions become a fun- filled picnic every single time!

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