Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Junior League...

There is nothing more uplifting than hearing a child’s giggle. When weary guests walk into the Pepper Trails home, there are four extremely wonderful hosts who rush to welcome you. Their open grins and incessant chatter bring a smile to one’s face.

Isaac Kishore, Charles Kishore, Malavika Rajesh (Malu) and Sudipta John (Pathu) are definitely a merry handful. Charles and Isaac are in the sixth and third grades respectively, at Christu Jayanthi Public School, Kakkanad.  Malu is a second grader at Gregorian Public School, Maradu. Pathu is a second grader as well and goes to Vidyodaya School, Thevakkal. No party or culinary demonstration is complete without the kids reaching out to grab a bite right from the cooking counter when I’m looking the other way. They are the great explorers of the Pepper Trails lawn; every tree has been climbed and every flower gazed upon in wonder before anyone else gets a peek. With their infectious laughter and animated minds it would be quite an achievement if someone managed to capture all the four looking in the same direction for at least one photograph!

Isaac, Malavika, Sudipta and Charles

For the kids, a live cooking session at Pepper Trails is a chance to make new grown up friends and to show off their amusing oratory skills. Their vivaciousness lends a sense of homeliness and informality to our enterprise. When sitting down for a sumptuous traditional lunch or dinner, the little hosts happily join the table with all the vigor of playtime at school. In a particularly jovial mood, they might even take you for a stroll about the kitchen garden and the sprawling grounds.
I wonder if a sign board will suffice to advertise our very own Junior League- “Warning: Pure enjoyment ahead!”

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