Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A Kitchen in God’s Own Country…

The heritage of India is as vast as the size of the country. One of the oldest civilizations in the world, its heritage is rich in customs and traditions; India is a beautifully blended potpourri of so many different cultures coexisting in harmony. With the motto ‘Athithi Devo Bhavah’ meaning the guest is God, you will find the hospitality of India pleasing. The food is an important part of any culture. For many visiting tourists Indian food is full of variety and the taste is simply unforgettable.

An equable climate, a long shoreline with serene beaches, tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters, lush hill stations, exotic wildlife, waterfalls, sprawling plantations, paddy fields, enchanting art forms, magic festivals, historic and cultural monuments and the splendid cuisine; what more can a traveler ask for in Kerala, God’s Own Country? Kerala’s culinary tradition is also closely connected to its history, culture and geography, with richness in its vegetarian and non vegetarian fare, be it fish, poultry or meat.

As one delves further, the sparkle of Ernakulam emerges. One of the world’s finest natural harbors, Kochi is the commercial capital of Kerala and is known as the ‘Queen of The Arabian Sea’. Even today, Ernakulam continues the tradition of welcoming visitors with its customary warmth and hospitality.

Kakkanad is the nearest green landscape to Kochi. As one travels from Ernakulam to Kakkanad, there are tall trees, valleys and flat pastures. Even though many paddy fields have been converted into residential plots the green landscape is still dominant in Kakkanad. The effect is particularly stunning during the rainy season, with the whole landscape glistening brilliantly green through a coat of water.

In this verdant world is situated Pepper Trails, the perfect link of all the elements with taste. Here authentic ethnic cooking is delivered along with novelty, a sense of well-being, food derived pleasure and excitement. What makes our Pepper Trails platter exquisite is the picturesque post card backdrop. It will be with a tinge of nostalgia and a smile that you will remember this pursuit of Kerala cooking with us. This befitting lush ambiance,  in the idyllic milieu of a typical Malayali home makes every bite fit for a gourmand’s memoir!

The Pepper Trails home

A view of our garden

Isaac and Charley, out on a summer day

Take a pleasant walk in our garden, where guests are familiarized with the various methods in which organic plants and fruits are cultivated, and eventually find their way into the food, graced with the unparalleled flavors, spices and cooking styles of Kerala.

The young hosts with guests in the garden

A guest in our kitchen garden

The design for the Pepper Trails brochure was inspired by the evergreen quotes of a gourmet specialist and oenologist.

The precise moment when a 27-year-old Chignon red splashes over the taste buds in a warm wave following on a pink chunk of lamb just lifted out of the fireplace, Puisais notes, will never be reproduced. The ambient air will never be quite the same…But the memory of the moment will live on…” - Jacques Puisais

In the words of the famous Philosopher of Taste, Jacques Puisais, one can’t sell taste. That precise moment when a friend’s laughter reaches your ears and you sit down for a hearty homemade dinner at dusk, when that bit of spice touches your taste buds, can’t be reproduced either!

When you come to Pepper Trails, you are essentially visiting the haven where the world comes to explore Kerala’s cuisine adventure.  Just as a picturesque landscape soothes the eye, soulful music calms the spirit and an ayurvedic massage relaxes the body, Pepper Trails offers ethnic delicacies to tickle your taste buds, in a most memorable ambiance.

The last rays; a view from Pepper Trails


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