Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The British PM and the Malayali "Meen" curry

British PM David Cameron addressing Unilever on his 2nd India visit

We pride ourselves on the fact that Pepper Trails is not just about eating good food but also about exploring the story behind its conception; how a dish is made, what its history is and how a guest can take the memory of that taste back to the part of the world he/ she calls home.

When the British PM David Cameron remarked about Kerala's famous "Meen" (fish) curry, I couldn't help sitting back and smiling smugly thinking back to plenty of occasions where our guests had satiated themselves on delicious bits of "Meen Pollichathu" and a lot more. Kerala cuisine in a British household! Who would have thought... 

Our famous motto of letting the experience and memory linger forever was also featured in their official blog by ResPublica Consulting at
The tastes of Kerala have truly gone international!...

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